Williamson County Inner Loop Annex

Williamson County Inner Loop Annex

This partial remodel of the existing 40,000 square foot Williamson County Inner Loop Annex uses a bold and bright color palette to accentuate unique exposed structural elements and to amplify the impact of available natural daylighting. Partial exposure of ceilings and concrete floors adds character and visual variety while celebrating the building’s history. The project design scope included the transformation of the former Constable’s office into an office space for the Elections Department; creation of new spaces for the IT Department including an area for the repair and installation of computer systems in vehicles; and office space for additional departments. An elevated storage system was added to facilitate the use of existing available vertical storage height for storage of election equipment. The fire suppression system and monitoring devices were replaced to meet current standards.


Georgetown, Texas, USA


Williamson County

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Design Architect, Architect-of-Record, Interior Design, Construction Administration