UNLV Wright Hall

UNLV Wright Hall

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, John S. Wright Hall building design began with the idea of uniting various entities into one interconnected location. The interactions of the Department of History, the Political Science Department, the Department of Anthropology & Ethnic Studies, the Distance Education & Creative Services Program, the Teaching/Learning Center, the Women’s Studies Program, and the Wilson Advising Center. These human disciplines, whose interaction and support of one another correlates with the cooperation of systems in the human body, inspired the design concept for the project. The interactions of these diverse groups through the various travel spaces, gathering places and building structures provide opportunities to collaborate amongst the multiple departments. A central rotunda and a north-south activity axis offer the primary connections, while an exterior atrium affords the further chance for interaction and regards to the nearby outdoor mall and desert demonstration gardens provide vital links to the rest of the UNLV campus.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Nevada State Public Works Board / University of Nevada Las Vegas

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