Rick Romito

Rick Romito, Partner, COO/CFO

Rick Romito, as the firm’s chief operating and financial officer, is responsible for oversight and management of the operational, financial and administrative elements of KGA’s processes. These elements include staff management and coordination, contract development and financial management, and the active cultivation of positive and mutually beneficial client relationships. As leader of the firm’s administrative services team, Rick ensures smooth ongoing operations throughout the organization.

Rick serves as a resource to KGA’s entire team of professionals to ensure that each individual has the tools and support they need to effectively perform their work at a high level. In his contract development role, Rick enthusiastically analyzes project needs on an individual basis to identify the organizational structure, project team and timeline which will most effectively support the client’s goals. Rick’s broad presentation experience, rooted in a career that began in the fine arts and honed over twenty-plus years at KGA, allows him to provide clients with specialized support and guidance in developing funding and marketing presentations to help advance the realization of project goals.