Peter Lik Elements Design Concepts

Peter Lik Elements Design Concepts

The Lik Elements gallery showcases small photographic pieces exploring individual ‘elements’ of the large-format panoramic pieces photographer Peter Lik is known for. Colorful square metallic prints are showcased in grids and suspended on a cable system extending vertically and horizontally throughout the space. A soft white glow emanates from elements of internally illuminated acrylic, including a central wall and ceiling feature and a split-level illuminated floor. Combined with contrasting exposed concrete flooring, the illuminated elements lead the visitor’s eye towards an oversized interactive touchscreen where they can browse and order from the gallery’s full catalog. An elegant black steel and glass façade frames the entry and a rotating piece of featured art derived from the ‘elements’ concept. Signage elements contrast against a backdrop of natural stone veneer, connecting this ultramodern design back to the nature which is core to the photography on display.


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