Osteria Pronto at the JW Marriott

Osteria Pronto at the JW Marriott

Osteria Pronto at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin is an Italian restaurant with an indoor-outdoor connection to the busy Second Street pedestrian corridor. The dining room and corner bar can be opened up to the outdoor patio, taking advantage of good weather and presenting a welcoming openness to passers-by drawn to the area by the nearby Austin Convention Center and public library. The indoor-outdoor patio feel is further enhanced by a plant wall behind the bar and decorative string lights attached to a trellis overhead. The wooden trellis combines with a rustic wood bar and tabletops to create a feeling of interior warmth for a comforting and relaxed dining experience. A simple yet playful exterior façade appeals to the vibrant nature of the city of Austin, and combines with the outdoor patio to mark Osteria Pronto’s place in the lively urban fabric of downtown.


Austin, Texas, USA


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