Betty's Village by Opportunity Village

Betty's Village by Opportunity Village

Betty’s Village is the first residential complex by Opportunity Village, an organization which serves people with intellectual disabilities and their families. True to its name, Betty’s Village is designed to re-create the strong community feel of a village. Residences face inward from the perimeter, with a front porch or patio on every unit and walking paths and green spaces distributed throughout. Contemporary design forms shape the multi-unit residential buildings to look like collections of individual homes. The buildings are treated with a variety of color schemes which promote both wayfinding and a sense of pride by giving each unit an individual identity within the context of the community. A mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments and four-person shared homes provides a range of living environments for individuals with various levels of independence. A community center at the heart of the village provides a place for residents to gather and for the organization to hold events that will support its mission and bring the community in to Betty’s Village to interact with its residents. The community center features a a double-height lobby which abstractly echoes the form of a cathedral, recalling the formal arrangement of a traditional village and giving the community a thematic and visual center.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Opportunity Village Foundation

services provided

Programming, Conceptual Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Architect of Record, Contract Administration, Entitlements, FF&E Selection

notable awards

NAIOP Southern Nevada Chapter - Spotlight Award Winner - Multi-Family