James C. Lord II

James C. Lord II, Partner, CEO

Architect, AIA

As KGA’s chief executive, Jim Lord plays a central role in oversight and management of all of the firm’s activities. Driven by a lifelong passion for architecture and design, Jim from this position leads by example a firm-wide culture of thoughtful, responsive design. Jim believes that each project presents an opportunity to improve the lives of the clients and end users for whom we design, while offering a unique, contextually responsive design solution in response to each design challenge.

As a senior leader of the firm, Jim is heavy involved in the organization and execution of projects from the contractual stage through the entire design process to completion. In addition to his executive management role, Jim continues to play a role in the project design activities of the firm, serving many clients one-on-one and teaming with colleagues throughout the firm to bring projects to fruition. Jim places particular focus and importance on his role as a coach and a mentor to the firm’s established and emerging professionals so that they may better serve not only the firm’s clients, but the community at large.