Faith Lutheran Oder Family Flight Academy

Faith Lutheran Oder Family Flight Academy

The Oder Family Flight Academy houses state-of-the-art flight simulators that educate students in preflight procedures, cockpit familiarization, take-off and landing protocols, and many other necessary aspects of flight while navigating students towards a career in aviation. The flight simulators are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and allow students to train and gain experience in an accredited flight program.

The design of the classroom brings in elements of an airplane hanger for an immersive learning experience. Ribbed acoustic panels on the walls are shaped to look like metal panels, offering the benefits of enhanced acoustics while contributing to the aesthetics of the space. The roof structure is exposed on the interior with suspended downlighting and acoustic panels in the shape of an airplane wing ‘rib’.

Recesses in two walls incorporate iconic airplanes or highlight a specific time in aviation history. A third wall features a long linear recess with a landscape photo, ribbed acoustic panels at the top and bottom, and LED lighting that portrays the opening of a hanger door. A glass shelving unit made from a portion fuselage from an Airbus A340 is mounted on the wall across from the main entrance to the classroom creating a striking display for various aviation items. The flooring incorporates various runway markings further enhancing the design and immersive experience in the space.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School

services provided

Architectural Design, Interior Design, Architect of Record, Contract Administration, Conceptual Design, FF&E Selection

notable awards

2023 American School & University - Interiors Showcase - Outstanding Design

2023 Learning by Design - Combined-Level School - New Construction/Addition - Career-Tech/Voc-Ed - Outstanding Project