Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Remodel and Expansion

Culinary Academy of Las Vegas Remodel and Expansion

The Culinary Academy of Las Vegas remodel and expansion reflects the organization’s exciting vision for the future. In addition to a complete remodel of the 1980s-era existing facility, expansion area allows for the growth of new programs. Spaces throughout the facility are reimagined, and in many cases repurposed, to support an evolving curriculum and a strong focus on technology and innovation. An Innovation Lab for the testing of new hospitality-industry technologies features front and center adjacent to the main lobby. Professional cooking and bartending classrooms allow students an immersive, hands-on learning experience, and a suite of Las Vegas Strip-inspired hotel rooms allows hotel students to practice in a realistic setting. The existing Westside Bistro restaurant grows, adding a hybrid private dining and classroom and a retail bakery. The interior design throughout the facility brings a touch of hospitality flair while keeping long-term durability and functionality in focus.


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Culinary Academy of Las Vegas

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